Whilst Red Spider prides itself on being future focused, it has a long and lustrous heritage to draw upon.

Here are some of the stories that have made us who we are.

Dan Wieden’s Secret Agents

On a scenic walk with Dan Wieden along the Scottish coastline, original founder Charlie Robertson noticed a small red spider, known in those parts for being indestructible. Tempted to use this as the company name, Charlie raised it with Dan, who added that Red Spider felt like a code name for a team of special covert operators – ‘you know, the crack team that you send in to fix big problems’. And thus Red Spider was born.

A Never Ending Passion

Since its inception, Red Spider has proven to be as indestructible as the small mite it was named after. This is largely due to our collective mindset, which evolves and refreshes the agenda according to the passions and provocations of the people who join it.
We have always admired another passionate collective – the renowned Magnum photographers – a revolving door of elite photojournalists that remain staunchly independent, who put passions before profits, and strive to be the very best in their chosen field. Magnum inspired our mantra ‘Passionate, Provocative, Professional’ and this is why, despite our best efforts, Red Spider continues to remain a force of nature.

The stamps that Magnum photojournalists received to signify membership of their collective

Light Years Ahead

Another source of inspiration can be found by looking to the heavens, and the Red Spider Nebula that resides 3000 light years away. Astronomers will tell you this nebula is a ‘rare pillar of creation’ (we like that) however, for us, it’s our celestial reminder to stay focused on the future and committed to imagining new and inspirational ways for brands to thrive.

Red Leader

Charlie Robertson, our Red Leader, mentor, friend and inspiration is no longer with us, but he is never far from our thoughts. Charlie was a legend of our industry, a maverick mind, a thoughtful mentor, doting father, and cheeky provocateur who left a little magic wherever he went. Red Spider was built around Charlie’s vision, and he will always remain a treasured inspiration moving forward.

Below are a few of the glowing tributes to Charlie that have come from far and wide.