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“Red Spider was absolutely integral to developing the UBank brand and strategy from scratch. I would highly recommend Red Spider to any company who really wanted to articulate and define a unique brand strategy, from the inside out.”

Natalie Dinsdale, Head of Marketing, uBank.

“Young heads on older shoulders. Red Spider possess centuries of serious experience, but still approach problems with the clarity, honesty, zest and freshness of a child. A bloody clever child, mind you.”

Stefan Jones, co-founder, Big Al’s Creative Emporium

“Getting real in-situ learning can be challenging in the drinks category. Never ones to rest on their laurels, Red Spider tailored new techniques to get to the heart of the matter, and came back with strong, innovative brand recommendations for our Asia launch.”

Alex Potts, Diageo Innovations, Singapore

“11pm, midnight, 5am and the ideas are still coming… all building on the same principles and rigourously and remorsely challenged. The Mighty Push would simply have been a short shove without Red Spider.”

John Evans, Project Leader, The Mighty Push

“If you want to challenge your best strategic thinking, use Red Spider. If you want radical solutions, use Red Spider. If you want to embrace rapid change, use Red Spider. The tactical, the evolutionary, and the status quo are not in their remit.”

Peter Simpson, Commercial Director, First Direct

“I have used Red Spider in Australia on Weet-Bix. Through the process we established an award winning communication and positioning platform which resulted in 20% growth in 6 months following TV advertising, re-establishing Weet-Bix as the No.1 Breakfast cereal. I have decided to use them again.”

Hamish Thomson. Group Brand Manager, A.G. Barr

“Pragmatic. Experienced, enjoyable to work with, energy, structured, responsive. They say get the right people on the bus to be successful; if you want to get your brand to a great destination then take the “Red Spider bus” and enjoy the ride!”

Alan Martin, Fayrouz International

“Red Spider always bring back fresh useful insights, you can throw them at anything on fire to extinguish flames but I keep using them because they are consistently intellectually challenging, can get on with anyone and are great fun to work with!”

Jane Frost

“It is never easy to understand the essence of a brand, yet the Red Spiders have developed a way to not only discover that essence but to communicate it in a way that a wide variety of audiences (consumers, shareholders, employees) can both relate to the brand and to welcome it into their lives.”

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